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* Ask Furuba ICONS! *

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FINALLY! A community just for you, by your loving moderator, Tilly. ^^

This Community is for the creation, display, competition, and show-casing of new icons for the Community



You don't have to be a member of Ask_Furuba to participate in this community, however it is prefered. The rules are simple, so please follow them!

1. Icons posted to this community MUST be open for use at ask_furuba.

2. Icons MUST use a character from Fruits Basket in them.

3. Icons MUST have the text "Ask *name*" visibly on them. (For *name*, please put the name of the character the icon is for).

4. Use of spoiler pics in your icon is forbidden. Ask_Furuba tries hard to keep spoilers under cut, and icons that contain spoilers will be deleted. Please do not use any scans or pictures from Fruits Basket that is from the manga past the point it has been released to in the USA.

That's it. :) Please feel free to create or make as simple or as complex of a design as you desire. Remember, no idea is too small, and no idea is too crazy. XD

Players from Ask_Furuba: Please check this community sometimes. You do not HAVE to use the icons posted here. They are simply for your convenience. Enjoy. :)



Ask Furuba site:

Go to Ask Furuba Community

Ever have a question you were just DYING to ask one of the Fruits Basket characters? Well, now's your chance!! Here at ASK FURUBA, it's your chance to ask them ANYTHING YOU WANT!! Anything from the manga, anime, or anything about themselves personally. Basically, just post a question to the community, and the character will answer it for you. ^^